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picture_of_halfed_onions Quality aspects in open-pollinated onion varieties from Western Europe
Maria Romo Pérez, Nikolaus Merkt, Sabine Zikeli and Christian Zörb

Commercial onion breeders limit their selection criteria by focusing almost exclusive- ly on conventional farming. This raises the demand for certain well known varieties, but lowers the general diversity available on the mainstream market. A way to main- tain biodiversity is to preserve old open-pollinated varieties. Through their distinct aroma and flavor, these plants are again drawing the interest of farmers and consu- mers alike, making them a viable alternative to commercial varieties. To assess yield and quality aspects of West- European open-pollinated onions, we have evaluated nine varieties and compared them against two of their commercial, well-established counterparts. The study included onion production on the field in South-West Germany, evaluation of the quality and flavor parameters, as well as a trained sensory taste panel. Results showed high diversity in yield and chemical ...    read more of this article

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