Obituary of Professor Dr. Reinhard Lieberei

  • Dirk Selmar Institute for Plant Biology, TU Braunschweig, Germany


On March 5th, 2019 Professor Reinhard Lieberei, one of the leading scientists in the field of Applied Botany, passed away in Gorleben, Germany, at the age of 70. As former president of the German Society of Applied Botany (1996-2005), he has made many efforts to modernise the society. In 2008 he became Editor-in-Chief of the newly renamed Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality, which had just been joined by the German Society for Quality Research on Plant Foods. Together with his co-Editor-in-Chief Hartwig Schulz, he furthered the journal's development until its conversion to an open access online journal in 2013. After his retirement in 2013, Hans-Joachim Weigel succeeded him as Editor-in-Chief.

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