Efficacy and inefficacy of refrigerated storages on some physical, physiochemical and electrochemical properties for organically-grown ‘Royal Glory’ and ‘Redhaven’ peaches


  • M. Ergun


The study focused on organically-grown ‘Royal Glory’ and ‘Redhaven’ peaches, with the aim to evaluate some physical, physiochemical and electrochemical quality indices during and after refrigerated storages at 0, 5 and 12 °C for up to 12 days and subsequently 1 day at 25 °C. Peaches lost their fresh weight and fi rmness during the storages regardless of the storage temperatures and cultivars; however, the loss in firmness for peaches at 12 °C was extensive, which delimited to durations of the storage. Marked changes in peel and flesh color, soluble solids content, titratable acidity, and vitamin C content were also registered over the storage time. Both cultivars developed chilling injury symptoms as internal flesh browning at 0 °C rather than at 5 °C which supported  by a decrease in chromatic L* and b* values. For the fi rst time, electrochemical parameters such as redox potential and P-value for a peach fruit using Bioelectric Vincent method have been reported and evaluated. However, no significant relationship was found between electrochemical and other physiochemical quality parameters assessed.