The effects of hot water dip treatments on the cold storage of Big Top nectarines


  • E. E. Çandir
  • F. Temizyürek
  • A. E. Özdemir


Big Top nectarine fruits were subjected to hot water dip treatments at 45ºC, 50ºC or 55ºC for 2 or 3 min after harvest and kept at 0°C for 45 days and additional 4 days at 20°C to determine the effects of hot water dip treatments on storage and shelf life of Big Top nectarine fruits. The effects of hot water dip treatments on quality parameters (weight loss, skin color, flesh firmness, total soluble solids and titratable acidity) and incidence of chilling injury (CI) and fungal decay were assessed after 45 days of storage at 0°C and subsequent 2 days and 4 days at 20°C following cold storage. Hot water dip treatment at 45°C for 2 min reduced weight loss and CI, delayed color development and maintained fruit lightness, but insufficient to delay fruit softening. Incidence of fungal decay was low during storage and shelf life period. Our results indicated that hot water dip treatments had potential to maintain postharvest quality for Big Top nectarines.