Occurrence of fungal diseases of <em>Coffea arabica</em> L. in montane rainforests of Ethiopia


  • A. Zeru
  • F. Assefa
  • G. Adugna
  • H. Hindorf


Coffee Berry Disease (CBD), Colletotrichum kahawae, Coffee Wilt Disease (CWD), Gibberella xylarioides and Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR), Hemileia vastatrix are the three major diseases reducing production and consumption of coffee in Ethiopia. A survey was conducted from July to September 2005 for CBD and CWD and from 2003 until 2007 for CLR in montane rainforest coffee areas of Ethiopia to estimate the occurrence and distribution of these diseases. Diseases were prevalent in all the surveyed forest coffee areas of Ethiopia: Harenna, Bonga, Berhane-Kontir and Yayu. Depending on the forest coffee area the mean percent incidence of CBD ranged from 2 to 40 % in general and from 2 to 17.9 % at Berhane-Kontir and Bonga, respectively. The mean incidence of CWD varied from 2.4 % at Berhane-Kontir to 16.9 % at Yayu forest coffee areas. The mean incidence of CLR also varied for instance in 2005 from 32.2 % at Berhane-Kontir to 96 % at Harenna forest coffee areas. The detection of the diseases during our surveys requires an integrated management of major coffee diseases for a sustainable conservation and wise use of coffee in montane rainforests of Ethiopia.