Wheat x Azotobacter x VA Mycorrhiza interactions towards plant nutrition and growth – a review


  • R. K. Behl
  • S. Ruppel
  • E. Kothe
  • N. Narula


Nitrogen-fixing and phosphate-mobilizing bateria, as well as mycorrhizal fungi, can influence plant nutrition beneficially and thus be used as biofertilizers in agriculture. This paper briefly reviews the role of wheat genotypes in the interaction of wheat with soil microorganisms like phosphate solubilizing and nitrogen fixing bacteria, specifically Azotobacter sp., and with mycorrhizal fungi for the development of sustainable wheat crop production. The role of rhizosphere microorganisms and the mechanisms, factors affecting response of bioinoculants and the possibilities of breeding wheat genotypes responsive to these bioinoculants for sustainable wheat production in semi-arid tropics are discussed.