Essential oils as antioxidants of different coloured carrot cultivars (<em>Daucus carota</em> L. ssp. <em>sativus</(em> Hoffm.)


  • R. Habegger
  • W. H. Schnitzler


Eight different coloured carrot cultivars, in orange, white, yellow, purple with orange or yellow and cream core, and red colour, were examined for their content and composition of essential oils and for their antioxidant capacity. For this purpose, two biochemical test systems were chosen (ABTS-test, MDA-test for lipid peroxidation). White and yellow carrot cultivars contained higher amounts of essential oils than orange cultivars. ‘Nutri Red’ had very high content of essential oils. There were significant differences between the cultivars in composition of their essential oils as shown by nine monoterpenes and two sesquiterpenes.
In both test systems essential oils of carrots showed antioxidant activity. The essential oils of purple and yellow coloured carrots had higher TEAC values than the essential oils of orange, white and red carrots.