Distribution of nutritive compounds and sensory quality in the leafs of chives (<em>Allium schoenoprasum</em> L.)


  • B. Brueckner
  • H. Perner


The distribution of sulphur, thio-sulphinates (pyruvic acid method), SSC, colour, fresh- and dry matter was analysed in three sections, base, centre, and tip, along the leaf tube of chives. Also the intensity of 28 sensory attributes was determined in these sections by a trained quantitative, descriptive panel. The sections differed in their mouthfeel attributes – centre and basis were juicier and crisper than the tips, which were strawy/fibrous and drier. At higher pyruvic acid and SSC concentrations in the tips, more punceny and sweetness was expected, but no increased values were found. Very low juiciness to convey pungent and sweet compounds and very low fresh matter related to leaf length were identified as possible reasons for this inconsistency.