Revision of <em>Entrophospora</em> and description of <em>Kuklospora</em> and <em>Intraspora</em>, two new genera in the arbuscular mycorrhizal Glomeromycetes


  • E. Sieverding
  • F. Oehl


Five mycorrhizal fungal species of the Glomeromycetes which were organized in the genus Entrophospora are revised. They all form their spores within the hyphal stalk directly beneath or in some distance of a sporiferous saccule formed intercalary or terminally in the mycelium. Based on differences respective similarities in spore morphologies and root infection characteristics only Entrophospora infrequens and Entrophospora baltica remain in this genus. The genus is the type genus for the new family Entrophosporaceae. The other three species are organized in two new genera. Kuklospora gen. nov. with Kuklospora colombiana and Kuklospora kentinensis (formerly Entrophospora colombiana and Entrophospora kentiniensis) is placed into the family of the Acaulosporaceae. Intraspora gen. nov. so far contains only Intraspora schenckii (the former Entrophospora schenckii) and is included into the family of the Archaeosporaceae. The morphological differences between the genera and the distribution of these fungal species in ecosystems are discussed.