Chemical quality parameters and anthocyanin pattern of red-fleshed Weirouge apples


  • E. Sadilova
  • F. C. Stintzing
  • R. Carle


Red-fleshed ‘Weirouge’ apples were investigated with respect to their chemical quality parameters including anthocyanins and colour. Anthocyanin concentrations were considerably higher than previously reported for common red-peeled apples. Due to its high malic acid content, the cultivar ‘Weirouge’ was characterised by a high colour brilliance. Among the anthocyanins, cyanidin-3-maloyl-galactoside and 5-carboxy-pyrano-cyanidin-hexoside not previously found in apples were tentatively identified by HPLC-MS3. Highest anthocyanin and total phenolics contents were found in the peel corresponding with the respective antioxidant capacities as determined using the FRAP and TEAC assays, respectively.