Diurnal fluctuation of volatile compounds emitted from four seasons rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) cultivated in Beijing


  • Lina Yang
  • Jianwu Ren Beijing Forestry University
  • Yan Wang
  • Qing Hu




Rosa damascena Mill., dynamic headspace collection, TCT-GC/MS, floral scent


Four Seasons Rose is an old variety of Rosa damascena Mill. Using the technique of dynamic headspace collection, the volatiles emitted from the flowers of Four Seasons Rose were collected at five time points of a day. Then, by the means of thermal-desorption cold trap/ gas chromatography/mass spectrometer technique (TCT-GC/MS), constituent compounds of the volatiles were identified. After that, the
daily dynamic variation of the floral scents from Four Seasons Rose was analyzed. The results demonstrated that the daily fluctuation of volatile components changed in different weather conditions. A total of 93 volatile compounds were identified. There are the most diversity of compounds at 14:00 in a fine day, and the compounds are as many as 78, whereas only 50 of volatile compounds are detected in a rainy day.