Effects of Sunn Pest (<i>Eurygaster maura</i> L. Heteroptera; Scutelleridae) sucking number on physical and physicochemical characteristics of wheat varieties


  • Halef Dizlek Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Faculty of Engineering Department of Food Engineering Karacaoglan Campus 80000 Osmaniye/TURKEY
  • Mahmut Islamoglu Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, Usak University, 64200 Usak, Turkey




Sunn Pest, sucking number, wheat, physical characteristic, physicochemical characteristic, quality


In this study, we researched the effects of Sunn Pest sucking number (0, single and double) on some physical and physicochemical characteristics of wheat varieties. We obtained that sucking number on the kernel was effective on wheat varieties and some varieties (Zenit and Ziyabey-98) more sensitive than the others. Considering six different wheat varieties together, for the same wheat variety, two number of sucks cause decrease in thousand kernel weight till 2.8%, hectoliter weight till 2.2%, Zeleny sedimentation test till 7.1%, delayed Zeleny sedimentation test till 37.5%, dry gluten content till 8.6% and gluten index value till 58.9% rather than one number of suck. The decrements were statistically significant in 16 through 42 evaluations pertaining to seven quality analyses in six different wheat varieties. In addition, Sunn Pest sucking ratio (0% and 3%) and Sunn Pest sucking number, cause to decline in the analyses of our findings. And they were significant (P < 0.05) in 14 and 25 through total 42 evaluations pertaining to Variety×Quality interactions, respectively. For these reasons, it is thought that kernels with double sucking should be considered as two damaged kernel instead of one damaged kernel during classification of the Sunn Pest damaged wheat mass.