Phytochemical properties and antioxidant potential from <i>Citrus bergamia</i>, Risso (bergamot) juice extracted from three different cultivars


  • Vincenzo Sicari University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria
  • Teresa Maria Pellicanò University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria



Bergamot fruit, Chemical composition, Polyphenols, Flavonoids, HPLC-DAD, Antioxidant activity


In plant-derived products there are naturally occuring bioactive compounds: that is, substances with or without nutritional value, having biological activity in the prevention of disease development, thus protecting human health.

The following physical and nutritional properties of three bergamot cultivars (Castagnaro, Fantastico and Femminello) were determined and compared: pH, titratable acidity, vitamin C, total flavonoids, total polyphenols, antocianyn, bioactive molecules and antioxidant capacity (ABTS and DPPH assay). The comparison data, were found to be statistically different.

In all juice samples analyzed the highest antioxidant capacity was found in Castagnaro juice (64.21% I of DPPH and 1.97% I of ABTS) compared to Fantastico (44.48% I of DPPH and 1.83% I of ABTS) and Femminello (33.39% I of DPPH and 1.13% I of ABTS). These differences could be attributed to the individual characteristics of these cultivars.

Author Biographies

Vincenzo Sicari, University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria

Department of Agraria

Teresa Maria Pellicanò, University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria

Department of Agraria