Application of 1-methylcyclopropene in fruit of five apple cultivars grown in Serbia

  • Mira Milinkovic Serbian
  • Blazo Lalevic
  • Vera Raicevic
  • Svetlana M. Paunovic


Fruits of five apple cultivars were treated using 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP or SmartFreshTM) after cropping and were stored at normal atmosphere 2 ± 0.5 °C, 90 ± 5% relative humidity (RH) and 20.9 kPa O2 + <0.5 kPa CO2. Fruit firmness was assessed at three periods: 7 d after storing, 120 d after storing and 30 d after the second assessment and storing at room temperature. Contents of K in all of the cultivars and in all years of study varied within the average values between 1390.5 and 2028.0 mg kg-1, while the Ca content varied between 21.7 and 59.5 mg kg-1. The K:Ca ratio was the lowest in cultivar ‘Granny Smith’ (24.0) and the highest in ‘Redchief’ (99.1). Application of 1-MCP made the strongest impact on fruit firmness of the cultivars ‘Granny Smith’ and ‘Idared’ in all measuring periods. Cultivars ‘Redchief’, ‘Čadel’ and ‘Morrens Ionagored’ responded well to the application of 1-MCP in the storage conditions, whereas the effect of its application influenced conservability of the fruits stored at room temperature except in fruits of the cultivar ‘Morens Jonagored’. Application of 1-MCP made an important effect on the preservation of fruit firmness, all in accordance with the degree of ripeness of the fruits subjected to the treatment and the contents of K, Ca and K:Ca ratio. This study indicates that the use of 1-MCP treatment in post harvest handling of apples is promising for maintaining the freshness and quality of fruits.