Cannabis – Ein Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis [Book Review]


  • Hartwig Schulz Consulting & Project Management for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants, former Editor-in-Chief JABFQ


Although cannabis was already widely used in various Traditional Medical Systems in ancient times, it is only in recent years that the
medicinal drug has advanced to become one of the most exciting medical-pharmaceutical topics of the present day. In hardly any other
field of pharmacotherapy has the state of knowledge developed with comparable dynamism in recent times.

In the book, renowned experts from various scientific disciplines describe the current scientific evidence for various therapeutic applications of cannabis or cannabinoids and promote quality-assured care of patients assisted by cannabis medicines. In the individual chapters of the handbook, reference is made to all relevant disciplines that are important for a sound understanding of the use of cannabis as a medicinal product: history, botany, biosynthesis, breeding and cultivation, import, supply chain, quality assurance and quality control, pharmacology, biopharmacy and pharmacokinetics, indications and evidence of pharmacotherapy, risks and side effects, driving safety, legal status of cannabinoid-containing medicinal products and non-medicinal products, dosage forms and modes of administration, forms of consumption in recreational use, identity
verification of starting materials, production of prescription and defecture medicines, supply of cannabis prescriptions, reimbursement and taxation, narcotic documentation, legal framework of supply, and patient counseling. The individual scientists, who have provided their specific knowledge from the various fields in a representative manner, have understood very well how to combine their respective expertise into a holistic overall picture. In addition, the book offers a scientifically sound source of information as an alternative to the sometimes targeted disinformation on dubious websites or half-truths circulating in social media. Thanks to this concentrated expertise, a unique overall picture emerged that summarizes the current legal and scientific framework of medical cannabis application in a larger context for the first time. The appendix contains an extensive subject index that allows the reader to quickly research the points covered in each chapter on specific topics.

This book can be recommended without any reservation as an exciting and instructive information to a broad range of readers. Not only does it provide valuable support to professional groups such as plant breeders, farmers, plant physiologists, botanists, pharmacists, medical doctors as well as students of the mentioned faculties, but the book also offers an excellent opportunity for interested laypeople to obtain comprehensive information on the current state of knowledge of this important pharmaceutical drug. A number of scientific articles are listed in each annex of the 17 chapters, allowing readers to obtain more detailed information on the individual topics.

Andreas S. Ziegler, Cannabis – Ein Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart, with contributions from renowned experts from various scientific fields, 1st edition 2022, 527 pages, 275 mostly color illustrations, 83 tables, price: 98,- €, ISBN: 978-3-8047-4152-2