Evaluation of tocopherol homologues of Turkish sesame seed (<em>Sesamum indicum</em>) cultivars grown in different locations


  • H. Yalcin
  • M. K. Unal


The tocopherol homologues of four different cultivars of sesame seed (Sesamum indicum L.) samples, Golmarmara, Muganli, Ozberk and Camdibi, were determined in the present study. The major tocopherol homologue in all sesame seed of adapted cultivars was γ-tocopherol (744-1333 mg/kg). α-Tocopherol is very minute component of tocopherol content in all cultivars (1.54-3.61 mg/kg). Similarly δ-tocopherol was determined in very small amount (0.50-0.59 mg/kg) and β-tocopherol was not detected in sesame seed of any cultivar. The highest content of γ-tocopherol was found in Golmarmara cultivar grown in Menemen. There are significant differences in γ-tocopherol content among cultivars and cultivated locations in all sesame seeds. Sesame seed cultivars grown in Menemen contained also the highest α-tocopherol content compared to the same sesame seed cultivars grown in any other location.