Alternative postharvest treatments to control decay of table grapes during storage


  • E. Candir
  • O. Kamiloglu
  • A. E. Ozdemir
  • S. Celebi
  • H. Coskun
  • M. Ars
  • S. Alkan


The aim of this study is to determine efficacy of some alternative postharvest treatments to sulfur dioxide (SO(2)) in maintaining quality and reducing fungal decay during cold storage of table grapes. The table grapes cv. Pafi was subjected to the following treatments after harvest: (1) Hot water dips at 24 °C, 45 °C, 50 °C or 55 °C for 3 min followed by packaging in perforated polyethylene (PPE) bags; (2) Packaging with ethanol vapor generating sachets of Antimold (R) 30 or Antimold (R) 60 in PPE bags; (3) Packaging with SO2 generating pad in PPE bags; (4) Packaging in PPE bags. Berries were stored at 0 °C for 3 months. Antimold (R) 60 sachet was more effective in reducing fungal decay than control and the SO(2) generating pad treatment without adverse effect on quality parameters during 3 months of cold storage. Stem browning occurred at slightly higher level in grapes dipped in hot water or packaged with Antimold®30 sachet and might limit their use, despite providing effective control of fungal decay.