Physical, chemical and sensorial characteristics of dried walnut of some varieties and promising variety candidates in Türkiye


  • Yasin Ozdemir Department of Food Technologies, Ataturk Horticultural Central Research Institute, Yalova, Türkiye



In this study some important physical, chemical and sensorial dried walnut characteristics of four varieties (‘Chandler’, ‘Fernor’, ’Yalova 3’ and ‘Şebin’) and five promising variety candidates (‘Giresun-7’, ‘İstanbul-2’, ‘144-84’, ‘Antalya-7’, ‘74-C’) were investigated. These findings were the first comprehensive report on the walnut properties of the above-mentioned candidates. ‘Antalya-7’ and ‘Giresun-7’ showed attractive fruit characteristics such as high whole kernel separation from shell and easy shell cracking. ‘Antalya-7’ attracts attention with fatty acids composition and appearance and taste scores. On the other hand, for ‘Giresun-7’, smooth shell surface, thin shell, high kernel ratio and high whole kernel separation from shell were determined as positive features. The polyunsaturated fatty acids content order of variety candidates was determined as 'Istanbul-2' > 'Antalya-7' > '144/84' > 'Giresun-7' > '74-C' (from high to low). The results of this study were used with agricultural project results for selection step of this breeding. The name of Giresun-7 was changed to 'Forest 77' and an application was made for variety registration. Its registration has been approved as a new variety by the Certification Center.