Determination of genetic diversity among wild grown apricots from Sakit valley in Turkey using SRAP markers


  • Hasan Pinar
  • Mustafa Unlu
  • Sezai Ercisli
  • Aydin Uzun
  • Mustafa Bircan
  • Kadir Ugurtan Yilmaz
  • Guleray Agar



apricot, SRAP, molecular characterization


Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) marker was employed first time to analyze genetic diversity of 57 seed propagated early-maturated wild grown apricot genotypes sampled from different parts of Sakit valley in Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Of the total 19 primer combinations investigated, 16 could amplify clearly and consistently. They produced a total of 87 fragments, of which 56 (64.3%) were polymorphic bands. All bands obtained from Me3-Em2, Me2-Em10 and Me2-Em6 primers were polymorphic. The cluster analysis revealed that the 57 genotypes were grouped into three major clusters. The similarity ratio among genotypes was between 0.73 and 0.94. There were no identical genotypes. The study revealed that SRAP marker system was useful in identification and genetic diversity analysis of wild grown apricots.