Phenol composition and antioxidant capacity of red wines produced in Central Italy changes after one-year storage


  • Germana Lombardi
  • Lina Cossignani University of Perugia
  • Laura Giua
  • Maria S. Simonetti
  • Angela Maurizi
  • Giovanni Burini
  • Roberto Coli
  • Francesca Blasi



chromatography, ORAC, phenol, red wine, storage


Much interest is currently concentrated on phenol compounds and antioxidants of wine. The aim of this study was to characterize and evaluate controlled designation of origin (CDO) and typical geographical indications (TGI) red wines from Central Italy and to evaluate possible modifications after one year of storage. The total phenol content and antioxidant activity by ORAC method were determined, while phenolic qualitative and quantitative profiles were evaluated by HRGC-FID or HPLC-DAD. All wines showed a good content of total phenols and an obvious antioxidant effect. After a one-year storage in the bottle, a significant decrease (P<0.05) of the ORAC values was observed for TGI wines. Interesting correlations between phenol and ORAC values for CDO wines were found. It can be confirmed that one-year storage in the bottle has not significantly affected the quality of the wines analyzed, in particular the CDO category.